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IdPhotos Pro 8.0

Create photos for identification documents
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Streamlines the process of making pictures for ID cards, passports, driver licenses, etc. by automatically faces and facial features and cropping or rotating the image accordingly.

IdPhotos Pro is a program that will process photos to use them in passports, visas and other ID elements.
This program will let you modify a digital photo in order to make it meet the requirements of the international ID regulations. The program can prepare different types of IDs for thirty seven countries. It will list the basic requirements for each type of ID (full face front view, looking straight towards the camera, no expression, eyes open, no sunglasses, etc.). If your photo meets those requirements, you can start the process of aligning the image with the program. It will guide you through the entire process, you will have to center the mouse on each eye and mark the chin line and the top of the head line. Then, you can edit your photo, modifying the brightness, contrast, color, sharpness and gamma. If you think the photo needs further retouching, the program will let you use several tools to enhance the photo, that will let you apply makeup and stamps to the image.

Once you are satisfied with the image, you can save it using the most popular image formats, burn the image to a CD, save into a photo repository and go to the layouts form, where you can select the layout in which you will print the photos.

In the demo version, every photo will include a watermark with the word "Demo".

Daniel Ángel Romero
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  • It contains the requirements for several IDs in 37 countries


  • When the program prompts you to click on the center of the right eye, it means that you must click on the left eye. Otherwise, the photo will be put upside down, and the eyes will become out of boundaries
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